Integration of radiation field with Discrete Phase Model

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I want to simulate the movement of a particle in a room with the use of the discrete phase model (DPM) and obtain its trajectory. Meanwhile, there is a radiation field in the room. The radiation dose (J/m2) received by the particle in each time step is equal to the local incident radiation (W/m2) multiplied by the particle tracking time step (t). Then the total radiation dose would be calculated by the integration of the cumulative dose along the particle's trajectory. 

Dose = Σ E * Δt

I know that I need to write a UDF for this process.

The problem is the radiation field would not be modeled by the Fluent, and we have experimentally measured the incident radiation at several points in the room. However, I don't know how the data should be integrated into the CFD model calculated by Fluent. Maybe a radiation field should be defined by interpolation of the experimental data. 

But how?

And how should I import the radiation field data into Fluent?

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