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Hello there. I'm solving Stefan's condensation problem. The simulation is running well. However, I want to track the interface position or its thickness as the condensation occurs. So far, I'm trying with the default plots in fluent. But, I haven't been able to do so. Please let me know how to calculate it using a fluent plot (like which variable I should plot.).

Below is the contour image of my setup. The left wall is at subcool temp and the interface will move towards the right as the condensation occurs. I want to plot the thickness of the condensed region as it moves towards the right wall.

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    You might be able to create an Iso-surface of volume fraction = 0.5, which represents the interface. Once you have this line, you can perhaps plot the average thickness of the interface (Area-weighted average of the x-coordinate as a function of time). Please try this out and see if this works for you.


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