How do I import results from HPC back into ansys to view/analyse?

I have got a solution but I cannot seem to find how to import the results file. I noticed I can import .rst files but that's just containing loads info.

I have a number of different output files but I can't find anything within ansys workbench (within static structural module) to import the results file.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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    You can use “Read results file” in Mechanical to import the result data. You have to click on the “solution” in tree, and in the context tool bar at the top, you will have options to “read results file”.

    Usually the result file is named file.rst for a static structural analysis.

    If you see file0.rst, file1.rst etc, you have used distributed solution. If this is the case, you will have to combine the result file using rescombine command in Mechanical APDL application

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