How to avoid background signal in the field time monitor?

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Dear all,

I have performed a simple simulation in which I have got two field time monitors (see the attached figure) and a light source which emits 10 um wavelength, 1 ps pulses. I looked at the electric field of light reaching the point monitors and plotted the data as a function of time (see the attached figure). Although I placed the second point monitor behind the source, there is always a significant amount of light that is reaching the monitor (see the blue curve in the attached plot). I have made several changes in the boundary conditions, number layers at the boundary, wavelength of light, duration of the light pulse, ...nevertheless, I never managed to avoid this background signal at the monitor behind the source.

Could you please go through the attached images and suggest me a way to avoid the unwanted light reaching the second monitor? For your reference I am also attaching the screen shots of the parameter settings I used for both FDTD frame and source.

Thanking you in advance.

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