How can i get stress-strain data points for defining Multilinear isotropic hardening in Ansys

I need to perform a vee bending simulation on Aluminium alloy 3003-0 in Ansys transient structural. But i am facing difficulty how to get data points for defining multilinear isotropic hardening in engineeing data Ansys.Please any one guide me.

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  • vvipradavviprada Posts: 13Member
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    Hi @idrees,

    Yes, you can take arbitrary data points in the plastic region but make sure these points represent a monotonically increasing curve till the point of necking and these points should be scattered within this range.

    For the second question, if your analysis is concerned with isotropic material and the temperature range is within the limit, you only need to provide one set of values of Young's Modulus and Poisson's Ratio for defining Isotropic Elasticity.

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