How to add force of impulse hammer in Transient Structural?

I already done impulse hammer test using FFT analyzer and now i'm trying to simulate it using ansys Transient Structural, in the setting for Force, can i just put -150N or there is equation if im trying to copy the force of impulse hammer in Ansys Simulation? -Thank you

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    Hello @hajidjamal ,

    The following steps mat help you generate the similar response as the input to your analysis.

    1. Define the appropriate number of steps, step end time, initial time step, maximum and minimum, etc. (This does divides your analysis as per your input steps)
    2. Then insert the Force and define the force using the tabular data. Click on the graph menu to see the response of the input defined.
    3. Add the other boundary conditions and the outputs and solve the example.

    Note- Defining the Analysis settings is the most critical step for Transient analysis as many factors are involved like your hardware capacity, your expected accuracy and the steps required to define the boundary conditions.

    You can refer to the following links for detailed information -

    1. Transient Structural Analysis (
    2. Steps, Substeps, and Equilibrium Iterations (
    3. Force (
    4. Defining Boundary Condition Magnitude (

    Hope that helps!

    If you are not able to access the links, do search for Ansys Help in start menu or click on the white question mark in blue circle just below the maximize window option in Ansys. You may search the words mentioned in the above links to access the contents.




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