Downloading compilers for using UPF usermat

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I am currently using ANSYS 19.2. In order to use UPFs I need to install (1) Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015 update 3 (including the MS C++ compiler), (2) Intel C++ 17.0.4 and (3) Intel Visual FORTRAN 17.0.4 compilers.

However, these old versions are not supported anymore by Intel. Is it okay if I just use the latest ones? Or won't I be able to work with UPFs if I do this?

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    Hi @LCP ,

    Intel usually makes the older versions of the Intel Fortran compilers available on their site - when you log into your account, there should be an option to download the older versions. It is recommended to use the same compilers as listed for a given release. (When you create an account on Intel's site, if you haven't already done so before, you have to register with your Intel Fortran compiler license information.) For Microsoft, the MSDN subscription should allow you to download the older versions as well.



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