sweep along a path and tangent to a surface

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Hi. According to the figure, a set of yarn is woven on the surface of a cylinder to pass over each other from below. I want to model these yarn in SpaceClaim. I have drawn the equation of the path of the yarn. I want to consider an ellipse cross-section for the yarns and sweep them along the yarn path. But I do not want the cross-section of the ellipse to interfere with the cylindrical shell. If the cross-sectional area is circular, there is no problem, but when it becomes an ellipse, it interferes with the surface of the cylinder along the way. How can I sweep the cross-section of the ellipse so that it is tangent to the surface of the cylinder?


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    Hello @Mortaza ,

    you might need to consider the maximum diameter of the ellipse and modify the equation accordingly or the body can be scaled appropriately using a factor so that the profile (Central axis) gets adjusted considering the new centre as mentioned in the representation below.

    You might maintain the tangency between the bodies from the assembly tab.

    The following is the reference for sweeping in SpaceClaim.

    1. Sweeping (ansys.com)

    Hope that helps!



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