App Store access fails

followed the link from AIM student workbench to the app store and tried to download the free wind tunnel app... asks me to log in... use my student account name and password... it rejects it and says user name/password incorrect (of course they are correct, i can log in here to post a question.. duh!).  how do I download apps from the app store?  or is that not allowed?


  • pglpgl Portland, Oregon, USAMember
    edited September 2017

    The ANSYS App Store is only available to paying ANSYS Customers who have access to the ANSYS Customer Portal. This requires a different login from the ANSYS Student Community.  Sorry that this feature isn't available to users of our Free Student Products.

    Here's the note on the App Store page: 




  • HenryPootelHenryPootel Member
    edited September 2017

    Great to know (didn't realize students weren't customer portal users, but it completely makes sense now), thank you for your help.

    (I was hoping that the wind tunnel app would get me something like a***desk's flow design program, but from ansys :-) to begin learning about aerodynamic simulations.)

    Thanks so much for letting us get some experience with real software tools.   I really appreciate it!

  • pglpgl Portland, Oregon, USAMember
    edited September 2017

    Our pleasure.

    For an excellent wind tunnel "app" check out our brand new product Discovery Live:

    You can download this free, you will need an NVIDIA GPU, so use your gaming computer or a higher-end laptop with an Nvidia quadro GPU.

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