How to speed up exporting Ansys APDL results to txt file?

Dear all,

I'm working on Ansys mechanical APDL simulations in which I'm mostly interested in the displacements and stresses. To speed up the post-processing, I export the displacements and stresses to a text file using *get and *vrwite. This works well, however, it takes a very long time to extract the data and to store it in a table. I do this using a *do loop over all the nodes, as shown below. Does anyone has any suggestions to circumvent using a *do loop by extracting the data for all nodes at once to speed up the post-processing? I couldn't find any command that does this in the APDL command reference.

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  • mrifemrife PHLPosts: 233Forum Coordinator

    Hi @jfonken replace all the *get commands, that are getting the nodal pre and post data, with *vget. Since you have a *vget already I'll assume you know how to use it and can look it up in the help. It does not have the U,SUM option, but you can do a array operation to calculate that from the x, y, z displacements.

    Also watch out as the last two *get commands have the () on the S instead of the Nodelist array.


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