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My ultimate goal is to perform eletro-thermal analysis on my biological model. I currently use Ansys HFSS in AEDT to perform electromagnetic simulations and potentially use Ansys Fluent to study temperature profiles on my model.

  1. Do I need to install Ansys Workbench? and what exactly is it for?
  2. Can I perform co-simulations between Ansys Fluent and HFSS?

P/s: I tried to use Icepak and Mechanical-thermal in AEDT to perform thermal analysis, but apparently these tools are designed for electronics only. My model mimics a rat head, which includes metabolic rate and blood perfusion. I was advised to use Fluent to add on these components. So I'm not sure if Fluent requires EMloss data as Icepak or Mechnical does in AEDT.

Thank you.

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    Workbench is installed automatically, so don't worry about that, or try and remove it! The latter will break something.

    In your model you need to figure out (decide) if the flow alters the EM field and if the EM field alters the flow. This then determines what data must be passed and how often.

    Icepak is designed for electronics cooling and puts a specific GUI onto the Fluent solver. I'd not try and use it for this application as it's going to struggle with the geometry and will lack some of the physics that you need.

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