Does hydrostatic pressure and pressure option available in the ansys static structural are same?

Good evening to all,

I am doing a nonlinear buckling analysis on a spherical dome with uniform external hydrostatic pressure. Does the pressure option available in the ANSYS and the hydrostatic pressure both are same or not?

If not, which parameter do I have to include to get the hydrostatic effect?

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  • mrifemrife PHLPosts: 233Forum Coordinator

    Hi @Venugopalb it depends on what you mean by 'the same'. The Hydrostatic load takes gravity, including direction, fluid density and the location of the free surface as inputs to build the appropriate pressure loads on each element face. Whereas Pressure is often defining an constant value to the entirety of a (geometric) face. Though the pressure can be a function of one spatial direction.

    For certain situations either method would work to define the desired pressure load. However generally speaking no they are not the same.

    So, you need to answer whether the dome is big enough, and in relatively shallow liquid, to warrant the use of the Hydrostatic Load. Or if it is small enough, or in deep enough liquid, that the pressure differences are negligible or not. You tell us.


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