I just installed Ansys software then it started showing an error in the startup script "can't read env(ansys sysdir) " I searched for the solution and there I got a solution to add a environment variable (ANSYS_SYSDIR with a value of winx64) I followed the instructions but after I reopened Ansys software there was another new problem telling relink Ansys with greyed out blank

screen now what I do please guide for better clearance .


  • sprakashsprakash Posts: 43Ansys Employee

    Hi @Sandeep_28 ,

    The Relink ANSYS getting greyed out usually happens when the customization tools are not installed. You might have missed checking the box to install Ansys customization files during installation. If the box is checked and the files are installed, then that option should be active. Please right-click on setup and choose "Run as administrator." Please make sure 'ANSYS Customization Files' is checked when selecting products.



  • Sandeep_28Sandeep_28 Posts: 3Member

    I installed student version 2021 r2 , didn't get any such options as ansys coustomization files, could you please guide me further to check and resolve.

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