I keep getting a message of "User defined stop condition is reached" and simulations ends

Hi I am trying to simulate a cell using MSMD model with ECM model. I used the HPPC data which I experimentally performed for parameter estimation using Fluent's parameter estimation tool. However after the fitting I found that the maximum voltage of cell determined by Fluent is higher than the maximum voltage of the cell prescribed by the manufacturer. So the max voltage which I give in battery model's tab(which is as per manufacturer's data) is lesser than what is determined by Fluent so the simulations stops immediately stating "User defined stop condition is reached".

Can someone help me with why this is happening and is there something I'm doing wrong.

The above image is of a file with HPPC data which I use for parameter estimation.


  • RKRK Posts: 727Ansys Employee


    Looks like there is a convergence criterion defined that is stopping the simulation. You can check the convergence criteria by going to Solution --> Residuals --> Convergence Conditions. Also make sure the equation residuals are set to a lower value (0.001 is default).

  • NrusimhanNrusimhan Posts: 2Member

    Hi @RK thanks for your response, however the issue I am facing is not resolved to explain clearly I am using a cell with maximum rated charge voltage of 3.6V however when I am running the standalone Echem model and using the parameter estimation tool and plot Voltage vs time data the maximum voltage of the cell is around 3.9V which is more than the rated maximum voltage of the cell which I am using. This basically means that the Fluent hasn't identified my cell chemistry rightly? So can you help me with the possible reasons for why this is happening? Is it something to do with the HPPC test itself ?

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