Regarding the error encountered when importing an ODB++ file to SIWave v21 R1 from Altium 21.8.1

I have a PCB busbar designed in Altium whose parasitic components I want to extract using ANSYS Q3D software. 

In earlier versions of ANSYS (2019), I typically exported an ODB++ file into SIwave. Then using the export to Q3D feature of the SIwave I imported that file to ANSYS Q3D 2019 for parasitic extraction. It never gave me an error during the importing process.

However, In the new version when I try importing an ODB++ file to SIwave 2021 R1 I encounter the error attached in the post. Please provide me with a solution to rectify the error. I appreciate your time and support. Thank you in advance.

the error. I appreciate your time and support. Thank you.

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    Hello @wakarkhan1992,

    If you are running simulations in SiWave, Could you try making the following changes inside the SI wave?

    SiWave: File > Options > Product licensing > Uncheck the box for Use Pro, Premium, Enterprise licensing.

    If that does not solve the issue could you please send the output of the following command?

    "C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\Shared Files\Licensing\winx64\lmutil" lmstat -a -c 1055@COE-lic-03e.MARQNET.MU.EDU




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