ESOL command to get element temperature does not work in ANSYS Mechanical command script

LKDLKD Member Posts: 1

Hello everybody,

I am working on a command script to determine the element temperatures of my geometry after the simulation (post-processing with /post26). Therefore I wanted to use the following command:

I used it in the following loop:






My intention is to loop over all elements, save the average element temperature in variable 2 and move it to a row vector called elementtemp_.

In the solver file, the warning  'No data points are saved during this storage step!' and the hint, that there is no data to save with the VGET command, occurs.

Is this command not applicable for this task?

I wrote a loop to average the node temperatures for every element, but it makes the post processing process for hours.


  • cscs Posts: 39Ansys Employee

    I would recommend saving the db file ( analysis settings> analysis data management> save mapdl db ) and using a RESUME command at the beginning.

    Regarding efficiency: I am not sure how many time points you have in your model. If you have few time points then it may be more efficient to use *VGET in Post1 and loop over the time points.

  • LKDLKD Posts: 3Member

    Thanks a lot for your answer, CS!

    I am already saving the db file and using the RESUME command at the very beginning of the script.

    Unfortunately in my final model, there will be more time points than elements - if it was the other way around, it would be a smart solution.

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