different results at different time???

niazulkhanniazulkhan Member Posts: 13

I am simulating the same structure at two different computers and getting different results as below, though every setting is same.

Both of the above structures were simulated with the same structures but at two different times and have different temperature rises. I am wondering if this is expected.


  • kghaffarikghaffari Posts: 82Ansys Employee


    As you suggested this is unexpected. Could you please share the following details for the two workstations you are running the simulations on?

    • Operating system
    • Software release/version

    We can then investigate whether a potential error is causing this.


  • SarkarSarkar Posts: 1Member

    If you figure out what's causing it, please let update the thread for future reference.

    //commenting for access to simulations examples

  • kghaffarikghaffari Posts: 82Ansys Employee

    Thanks. Right now this is not an issue we have confirmed. If you could please share the mentioned info about your workstations we can try to reproduce this.


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