ANSYS 2021 DesignModeler license expire problem

JeppeBomJeppeBom Member Posts: 1

I have 20 users who cant work in ANSYS 2021 DesignModeler.

They all get the error:

"Warning: DesignModeler license has expired. All modelling operations will be disabled. You will be able to save you work.

I have installed Ansys License Manager R2 and the Geometry SP3 patch update on the local machine - is that correct?

Our licens server has the character "-" in it - could that be the problem?

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  • Geo KarnosGeo Karnos Posts: 504Ansys Employee

    What is the expiration date in your license file?

    The error seems to point to the License file being expired.

    In the license file, look for the line:

    INCREMENT agppi

    Please check that line


    INCREMENT agppi ansyslmd 9999.9999 12-sep-2022 5 \

    This would mean that the (DesignModeler) agppi license expires on September 12, 2022

    If this is the case, Your Ansys Support Coordinator Should log onto the Licensing Portal to download the latest license.

    If there is no new license, they should contact their Account Manager for assistance.

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