Select Volumes within volumes in Ansys Mechanical APDL

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Dear Team,

My name is Mário Carvalho and currently I'm using Mechanical APDL for a FEM structural model. I created a code with APDL to create a model with certain geometries, based on parametric analysis. the problem is , when attributing the material properties to certain volumes . In the case of my model I have a layer of solid elements with embedded solid elements ( with different properties). the problem is that , if the layer is approximately the thickness of the solids embedded , I cannot find a way of selecting only the smaller volumes and attributing the correct material properties. Could please someone help? I cannot share images of the model due to confidentiality issues.  I would be willing to have a short call with someone with expertise in Mechanical APDL.

Best Regards,

Mário Carvalho

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    I am not sure I fully understand but looks like when you try to select the embedded solid elements you are also selecting the outer layer elements, Are you selecting using X,Y,Z coordinates? One thing you may want to use is the SELTOL command to reduce the tolerance used during selection. Using something like seltol,1e-8 may allow you to exactly put in a X range.


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    Hi @cs ,

    I will keep this in mind. I did however manage to solve the problem other way, I was not sure but it seems the Volume Selection command VSEL works if we manage to capture the volume's geometric center (only). I made sure this was being done , and now it is working! Thank you for the help!


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