Lumerical GUI - multiple windows on a machine (Linux)?

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We used to be able to open multiple windows of the Lumerical GUI at a time, which was useful for analyzing data or preparing new simulation files while a sweep or optimization is running on a different file. However, recently Lumerical indicates there are no more licenses available when we try to open a new window on the same machine. Is this still possible, or has licensing changed?

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    You should be able to open multiple Lumerical GUIs on the same computer with the same User login/account. Which version of Lumerical are you using and which license manager are you accessing?

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    Thanks for your reply! We are using 2021 R1.1 on Linux, and the product license is Standard (Ansys). The version number listed is 8.25.2599. Attempting to open a second instance with the launcher on the same machine and user account gives the error "Failed to checkout feature 'lum_fdtd_gui'...Licensed number of users already reached."

    Thank you.

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