Running multiple Lumerical CAD instances on Linux

LitoLito Ansys Employee Posts: 35
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When launching several instances of Lumerical CAD/GUI by the same user on the same machine in Linux generates, Floating error: -4. To resolve this, run Lumerical from only 1 and the same terminal/shell session.

  • Open Terminal
  • Run the Lumerical CAD with the suffix “&

(default install path shown - replace [version] with your installed version) 

/opt/lumerical/[version]/bin/mode-solutions &
/opt/lumerical/[version]/bin/fdtd-solutions &
/opt/lumerical/[version]/bin/interconnect &
/opt/lumerical/[version]/bin/device &
  • To open another Lumerical CAD instance, run the command on the same terminal window with “&”.
  • Do not open another Terminal/Shell session to run a new instance of Lumerical CAD/GUI. 
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