What if the analysis time is bigger than the source end time in steady state thermal?

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Hi guys,

Assume that the internal heat source (losses) is solved in ANSYS Maxwell in transient mode (periodically). Now I'd like to analyse the steady state temperature distribution, so I link the transient Maxwell result with the steady state thermal modele in Workbench. In Mechanical, after importing the heat generation, I need to specify the source end time and the analysis time. The source end time is obviously the same with what I have set in Maxwell, but the analysis time here confuses me. What is the meaning of analysis time here? For a problem like this one, how should I set a proper analysis time? Thank you!

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    Hi @Francoo ,

    Based on the above data able of imported heat generation - the heat generation at 1.5e-3s from the source will be applied at time 1s in the steady-state analysis. In steady-state analysis, there is no transient (no thermal capacitance) effects and time does not make sense. If you want you can change the analysis end time in steady-state thermal to be the same as that of the source.


    Ashish Khemka

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