How to set up material properties of EPE foam in LS-DYNA?

WaterWater Member Posts: 4

Dear team,

I want to simulate notebook drop in LS-DYNA and I use EPE foam to absorb impact force.

I have studied papers on EPE foam simulation and it seems that mat57, mat63, and mat83 can be used.

Which material card is better for EPE foam?



  • ram_gopisettiram_gopisetti Posts: 156Ansys Employee

    Hi @Water, mat57-- for low density foam ,mat63-- crushable foams (as in flower foams) ,mat83 -- for low and high foams ( seat foams and cushion) , based on these, take the material model as described in "Article" and see if you can replicate the results first and then adapt other mat models.

    Cheers, Ram

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