Electric Field Intensity

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Is there a way to extract the electric field intensity at a point from a simulation? I was looking at the script command farfieldexact() but I don't know if this does what I want it to do. I also found the Electrical field monitor but this I believe just gives electric field at points not electric field intensity. Is there a way for me to give the program a point and ask it to calculate the resulting electric field intensity at that point? I would imagine that in order to create Modal fields plots for E intensity the simulation must have access to the data. I just can't seem to see how to extract it. Any information is appreciated. Thanks!



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    Sure, in FDTD you can get E,H, and Poynting vector at any point inside the simulation region, as long as you choose to record them in the monitor settings, by use of a frequency-domain monitor.

    When you say electric field intensity, do you mean abs(E)^2? if yes, you can simply use

    getelectric - Script command

    More generally, you can get the vector E and intensity by use of getresult.eg:

    EE=getresult(Monitor name","E"); # the result is a dataset Introduction to Lumerical datasets

    Ex=EE.Ex; #Ex component of the electric field

    E2=EE.E2 # intensity of E, eg abs(E)^2;

    please refer getresult - Script command

    you can use "?" to get the data you can extract from a monitor:

    ?getresult("monitor name")

    or the parameters in the dataset "EE" from above script:


    Please try and let me know if you have questions.

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    Thank you! This was very helpful. Just to confirm, the values from abs(E)^2 are what are used to plot the E intensity in modal fields plots is that correct? Thank you again !

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    Yes, you are right. It is abs(Ex)^2+abs(Ey)^+abs(Ez)^2, which is the abs(E)^2, and the result of getelectric, as well as the E2 in the data above mentioned.

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