Syntax error in script for Lithium Niobate Nonlinear Thermal Waveguide (MODE example)

M_O_BM_O_B Member Posts: 1


I am getting a syntax error for the following line of the poly_fit.lsf script for the Lithium Niobate Nonlinear Thermal Waveguide in Lumerical MODE:

function Taylor_exp(x, y, n_int){

I was wondering does this have to do with the version of Lumerical that I'm using? We're currently working with Lumerical 2017 but I notice this example is for Lumerical 2020.

If that is the case, is there any scripting I could do to get around this? Thanks.


  • kjohnsonkjohnson Posts: 230Ansys Employee

    Hello @M_O_B ,

    The user-defined function feature was introduced after 2017, I believe in 2019a. I would recommend updating your software to the latest version. If that's not possible you will have to remove the user defined functions from the script, which would require copying and pasting the body of the function into any place where the function is called.

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