How to obtain plotted eigen-modes

haruagioharuagio Member Posts: 3

Currently studying the vertical and horizontal responses of my floating bridge, and would like to know if it's possible to produce similar results as shown above on ANSYS.

Currently using ANSYS AQWA for time and frequency domain.

Are there any gurus out there able to aid me in this?

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  • SheldonISheldonI Posts: 130Ansys Employee
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    Hi @haruagio ,

    In Mechanical, you can plot your deformed shape with your undeformed geometry. I think this is what you are asking, but is the difference that you don't want the contours on the deformed shape? If so, you can add a result with "0", such as a User Defined Result with expression "LAYNUMBER", and it will be a single color (blue, by default).



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