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I'm a new user of ansys workbench and fluent. Currently I'm using Ansys 2020R2 on my own PC. Later I'm trying to move the calculation into the university cluster which installs 2021 R2. There is something bash file I need to write before I run on the cluster. So before I actually do it, I'm wondering can I run the workbench file of 2020R2 version on the newiest version of Ansys?

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    I guess you have installed the Ansys Student 2020 R2 on your own PC. Do remember the 'Problem size limit' for the student version.

    Structural Physics: 128K nodes/elements

    Fluid physics: 512K cells/nodes

    So, taking this into consideration, there shouldn't be a problem in running the Workbench file of 2020 Student R2 on Ansys Student 2021 R2 or Ansys 2021 R2.


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    Hi Vigneswaran

    Thank you. That helps a lot! Just for curiosity, why do you stress that student version 2020R2 should works on Ansys 2021R2? Is there some case might fail if using Ansys 2020R2?


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    The Student and Research codes are near-enough identical, the difference is in the licencing. Older versions will work on the newer builds, the reverse is not true. I suspect the assumption was you had installed Student on the laptop rather than one of the paid licences.

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