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I have managed to solve my previous problems posted in the forum. However, at the moment the process is manual and very laborious.

I have 32 points where 32 individual (x & y components) loads are applied. I am currently doing manually, copy-paste from excel in to each of the 32 scopes. It's okay for one set of loads. But, I am going to look at few other sets. Is there a way to parameterize the loads? All the loads are dependent on a parameter which I would like to change. If this parameter is changed, each of the 32 scopes will update without having to copy-paste each time. Is it possible? I am new to Ansys, so scratching my head trying to get an easy way of doing this. Thanks.

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    Hello @ruzfactor ,

    You can Parameterize the components of the force by simply clicking on the checkbox besides the magnitude. P letter will appear showing that the load is Parameterized. It can be seen from the Parameter Set option from the Workbench home page. You can set new design points with different input parameters and run the whole analysis at once. (Note- Results/ Outputs can also be parameterized by same method and can be viewed along side the inputs from the Table of Design Points)

    Parameters can also be set as derived parameters where expression needs to be set by the user via the properties panel for respective parameter.

    Following links may provide you with detailed insights -

    1. Working with Parameters (
    2. Setting Parameters (




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