Macro for diameter of gas phase when interfacial area concentration is used

majammajam Member Posts: 3


I am writing a UDF for the calculation of interfacial area between gas and liquid and in my CFD model, I am using Interfacial area concentration (with a range of bubble size instead of the single bubble size) for modeling the air bubbles. Can anyone help me to find the macro that is used for Sauter mean bubble diameter in this case?

Or bubble diameter in each category if the bubble size is divided into 10 categories (fluent can show a histogram of bubble size in 10 -20 categories)

Also, do I need a heather for that?

For exp:

  • C_PHASE_DIAMETER(c,t) is used when a single bubble size model is applied.
  • WHat is the macro for bubble diameter when PBM is used?
  • What is the macro for bubble diameter when the Interfacial Area Concentration model is used?



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