Ansys Spaceclaim - cut/trim a .stl-part with a .step-part

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I want to "cut/trim (schneiden)" two parts in Ansys Spaceclaim. One is a .stl-Part out of Ansys Mechanical which i got out of a topology optimization and the other is a .step-CAD-file (the start-file of the optimization).

I load the .stl-File in Ansys Spaceclaim and add the .step-file with the command/tool "assembly (Baugruppe)".

Then i want to "cut/trim (schneiden)" them to make sure no element of the smoothed .stl-part is outside of the geometrie of .step-Part. This looks like it works so far.

The problem is when i use the tool "facet check/test", i got 0 errors but the message "The net has more then one part. (Netz besteht aus mehreren Stücken)". And this looks like i causes problems to save the combined part as .step-file.

A solution is to use the command/tool "shrink wrapping (Schrumpfverpackung)" afterwards (1mm, 1°) but this changes my part-surface a bit. Is there any other solution to fix this problem? The problem is to combine the parts of the net without changing my part-surface.

Thanks a lot for your help.


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    I want to understand your question better. The main objective is to combine bring in the stl and step file and trim the stl to make sure geometries match, am I right?

    Another alternative you could use is to create a plane at the stl edges that you want to trim and use the combine / split tool to make sure the geometry is within limits.

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