Strain Probes and Weird Results During a Compression Test

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I'm trying to place strain probes on my model at matching locations to the strain gages on the physical test specimen. I used coordinates to define the strain probe locations (rather than a geometry selection), and I am getting some strange answers (I realize that this could be due to numerous issues) and I'm trying to go through potential reasons for the error. Basically, the strains increase for the first few load steps (as expected) but then keep a constant value for the remainder of the loading steps (not expected).

When setting a strain probe at a coordinate location, does it stay at those exact coordinates for the duration of the loading? In other words, is it possible that as the model deforms, the strain probe would no longer be located on the model (and therefore not give any changes to its reported strain values)?

If I were to do a geometry selection and choose the nearest node on the model to the strain gauge location on the physical specimen, would the strain probe remain at that node for the duration of the loading as the model deforms?

If I am way off on my thinking, please let me know.




  • SheldonISheldonI Posts: 130Ansys Employee

    Hi @wcg ,

    The probe's location, as defined by a Coordinate System, will be used on the undeformed geometry. It should not be fixed in space.

    Are you performing a nonlinear analysis? Do you have nonlinear materials defined? If you have metal plasticity, for example, is it possible that the material has yielded (causing the strain not to change much)?



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