How to exporting elements data from Ensight

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To whom it may concern,

I am trying to export the normal velocity distribution data over time from a vessels’ cross-section surface using Ensight software. The pulsatile velocity was enforced at the inlet boundary conditions of the vessel during the simulation. After the simulation was done, I loaded all time-varying simulation results to Ensight. Then, I created a surface in the middle of the vessel by using the “Clip” button, as can be found in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. The surface of a vessel is in grid form.

 However, after multiple attempts, I still didn’t find a way to export the velocity data of all elements. One thing that I found may be useful is the “interactive probe query.” Nevertheless, this function can only export the velocity data of some points or locations (in Fig. 2) and can’t select all the elements.

Fig. 2. Export velocity data from the point(s).

I have tried all methods in the “Query” list but still can’t export all the elements data all at once.  

Could you please provide some suggestions?



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    File \ Export \ Geometric Entities \ Flatfile will export nodal data for all active variables for the currently selected part. If the data is element based, you'll need to add CELLID to the Parameters box.



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