Help with my failing MSMD battery model

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I am attempting to simulate a large battery pack made of 18650 batteries, but I'm working my way up to that size. I started with modeling just a single battery and that worked well. Then I tried making a 1p23s battery pack. However when I try to run the calculation on that, it immediately shoots up to 5000 Kelvin and the calculation ends... I've tried for a few days to figure out what it is I'm doing wrong, but I'm at a loss.

Below I've attached some screenshots of the SpaceClaim, Mesh, and Fluent with model settings & results. I'm not extremely familiar with ANSYS, so I'm hoping that there's just a simple mistake that someone can see to help me.

(Space Claim view)

(It's hard to see in the photo, but on top and bottom of each cylinder are positive and negative tabs. They share the same diameter as the cell, and are 1 mm tall.) (The main cell is ~65 mm tall)

(Mesh above) (Used tetrahedron method on all geometries)

(Battery Model parameters shown above)

(e_material was used for the cells, busbar_material was used on the tabs & busbars)

(for e_material, the Electrical conductivity was 1e6 for both ups0 and ups1)

(Above is the thermal conditions. wall-cell conditions was copied to the cells. wall-bus conditions was copied to tabs and busbars)

(Above are the results from me trying to run the calculations)


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