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I extract the stiffness matrix and mapping file but I don't know why the result of nodeID 40001 and 40002 appear. The model is meshed automatically. Node number is 51 and element number is 4. The model is condensed to a node, whose ID is 1, and a face, which is fixed, by Condensed Part. In the mapping file, nodeID 40001 and 40002 appear as shown in the figure. Why do they appear, and what do their stiffness values mean?

Answer to the question will be very helpful.

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    Hi @Guojz16 ,

    Do you have a Remote Point in your model? This could be the cause of the 'extra' nodes.

    On the other hand, are you generating a CMS superelement? The extra nodes could be the internal nodes to keep track of the generalized coordinates in CMS. (In this case, you may have 6 modes used - the internal nodes use the same DOF label as the model, so 4001UX is mode 1, 4001UY is mode 2, etc.)

    In the Solver Output (solve.out), search (Ctrl+F) for internal nodes that were created - that can give information on where the internal (extra) nodes are coming from and why.



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