ls dyna not using full system resources when running simulations

Brijesh_GuravBrijesh_Gurav Member Posts: 1
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when running crash analysis on ls dyna, and it is not utilizing complete system resources. my cpu sits at 40% and my gpu is barely used. how do I reduce my simulation time?


  • mrifemrife PHLPosts: 236Forum Coordinator

    Hi @Brijesh_Gurav What is the rest of the story here? How many cpu cores did you request to be used during the solution? If say your computer has 10 real cpu cores, and you requested 4 cores for the solution, then the system showing 40% of total cpu capacity being used means that those 4 cpu cores are running at 100% of their capacity. So the 40% usage would make sense. LS-Dyna does not make use of GPUs for explicit solves.

    Before we can discuss reducing the simulation time we need to know the specifics of the system. Make/model of CPU; size of the model; initial time step size; what is the licensing situation there?; do you have access to a single compute server or a cluster with multiple?; etc.


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