Multiple Zones in Wall Boundary Condition

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Dear Friends,

I am doing a 2-way FSI simulation using the Ansys fluent and Transient structural systems. I have a multibody Fluid domain, it also has the input, output, and wall zones. In Ansys, whenever, I try to create the dynamic mesh using the option create, I see the multiple zone name is there any other way we can merge those different zones into the single wall volume and choose directly from there.?


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    If you have multiple fluid zones then the wall boundary will split such that each fluid is bounded by a different wall. This is automatic. If the fluid zones aren't needed (ie they're just volumes that could be one volume in labelling terms) then use a named selection for the fluid zone prior to moving into Fluent. Note, if you need to it's possible to combine cells in Fluent, you can then combine the surface zones.

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    A. I try to merge or fuse them in the Boundary condition, I am getting something like  Not fusing zones 26 and 31, element count is different. Should I use the same element to like tetrahedron, currently my meshing setting includes an automatic one?

    B. System Coupling ErrorSystem Coupling Error:

    My fluid domain has multiple fluid zone parts. The problem I am facing is that I am getting the error on the multiple data transfer in the system coupling, do I need to create 8 Fluid Solid Interfaces separately for the 8 Fluid wall zone? When you choose the fluid-solid interface in the transient analysis system then I was able to easily choose the multiple faces within the region. Do i need to make the fluid interface for each encapsulated fluid zone? I need to get a single fluid zone.

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    Not fusing faces, that's to remove duplicate surfaces and if you have those you have far bigger problems. If you use Named Selections in meshing to pick multiple volumes and (separately) faces or merge cell zones in Fluent you can reduce the number of labels.

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