Fan boundary conditions

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I'm studying a centrifugal fan with Ansys Fluent and am struggling a little with boundary conditions. See, in order to obtain the fan performance curve, I could define static pressure at the outlet (atmospheric pressure), vary mass flow rate at the inlet and monitor static pressure at the inlet.

My questions are regarding the maximum pressure rise and maximum flow rate points. To obtain the maximum pressure rise, I guess I could specify the outlet as a wall, so that the monitored pressure at the inlet would be the maximum static pressure rise the fan could produce. But to determine the maximum flow rate (where static pressure rise equals to 0) I'm left wondering.

I couldn't specify static pressure at the inlet and outlet at the same time, because the simulation would diverge. I could specify static pressure at the outlet and stagnation pressure at the inlet, but I don't know the stagnation pressure at the inlet. Can anyone help me regarding boundary conditions for calculating maximum flow rate a fan could produce?


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