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Dear ANSYS employees

I'm using ansys apdl to simulate a slab failure, I have all the parameters correct, but I don't know what is this error and how to solve it.

I have two line (solid ) and different from solid 65 as a support, and a box to apply the force.

Does these errors related to them or what?

I really appreciate your help.




  • cscs Posts: 39Ansys Employee

    Error 1: "Viewing directions is parallel ...." I think you might be doing a section view (/CPLANE,1 command). This error seems to say that your view direction (/VIEW command) is parallel to the working plane cut which means the cut section cannot be displayed. You may want to change to /CPLANE,0 so the section cut is normal to the view direction.

    Error 2: " Volume 1 is meshed and cannot be...." This usually happens if you try to remesh an already meshed volume or if you try to modify/delete elements of a meshed volume.

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