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i'm working on the magnetic abrasive finishing, in which Abrasive used Aluminium Oxide with abrasive size Al2O3 (325 mesh) & Magnetic particles & size Iron powder (300 mesh) is used . how can i created these things on maxwell


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    Hi @gyan_prakash ,

    What do you want to simulate through this simulation and what do you mean by 300 mesh?

    Provide more details/screenshots to understand the application.

    Please use the image option and not the Attachment option while sharing the screenshots.



  • gyan_prakashgyan_prakash Posts: 5Member

    in this figure magnetic pole rotate and bonded MAP (combination of iron and abrasive particle ) between workpice and pole will also rotate due that rubbing action performed on work piece . magnetic force provide normal force through MAPs on the workpiece and cutting action is done by ratation of MAPs . 325 mesh means number of particle(325) per inch squre

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