dielectric photonic structure etched

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I need help, I am trying to simulate the device: etch (air hole- not completely) Si3N4 layer on a SiO2 substrate, and what I want to excite the TE and the TM modes and to get to see is:

Band structure

The transmitted signal between the k Bloch vector and the frequency

I used random dipole and Bolch boundary conditions to be Bloch: I would like to know if my structure is correct, and how do I get the band structure to show angle variation like the picture before for the transmission signal.

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  • gsungsun Posts: 1,405Ansys Employee

    Since the structure has no symmetry (due to substrate and holes not complete), no symmetry BC should be used in z direction.

    When both TE and TM bands are mixed, the band structure might not be easily to identify them. A better way to do is to only excite one of them, by controlling the dipole polarization. eg, polarization along z and polarization in xy plane in this case. This can be done by modifying the dipole cloud.

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