Parameterising an angle for a 2D Surface, Spaceclaim

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Hi all,

I am trying to create parameters so that I can change the angle and move a segment of asketch laterally, as highlighted in the first image (changed laterally from 12 mm to 10mm and the angle from 15°-11°). While the shape is a sketch I can change the dimensions, but once I convert it to a surface I am unable to alter the angle, what should I do to convert the dimensions to parameters?

I want these to be parameters as I am conducting a parametric study on different configurations and do not want to have to resketch the entire part for each design. Resketching is particularly time-consuming as I must split the surface into many regions (see image 2) for my meshing stage. Once meshed I bring the part into fluent for fluid flow simulations.

I am using Ansys 2021R2, and using Spaceclaim to make my sketches

Many thanks,



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