Falling sphere (Contact angle, Multiphase, VOF)

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Sorry, this question might be silly😅, I'm new to fluent and simulation in general. I'm simulating water entry of a sphere due to gravity, In my experimental work, I have several spheres with different coatings so they have different wetting angles (static contact angles). (contact angle>90: hydrophobic, contactangle<90: hydrophilic)

1)Please, does anyone know how I can assign the contact angle?

details of my simulation: 3D-VOF(two-phase, air and water )-Dynamic mesh(sphere rigid body), the sphere is a cavity and has wall Boundary Condition

I applied the surface tension and checked the wall adhesion box and in the B.C for the sphere, a Contact angle section appeared. I am not sure if this is the contact angle that I wanted.

I have one more question regarding the multiphase method.

2)Is VOF the right method for this problem?

Any assistance that you can provide will be highly appreciated.




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    Contact Angle to be described at the solid phases contact line so in Fluent at walls .

    If flow is separated and you can afford resolving droplet 💧 and the thin area as it approaches the wall, VOF is the way to go.

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