How can I calculate the deformation and rotation of the C.o.G of a structure in my analysis?

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I am conducting an analysis of a structure which is subjected to some external loads. However, there are some maximum limits defined for the center of gravity of that structure under these critical loading conditions, beyond which the structure will not be considered appropriate for use.

Now, what can I do in ANSYS to know the deformations and rotations for the center of gravity of my structure?

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    Insert a Remote Point, Behavior=Deformable, scoped to the faces or bodies on the part of the structure you wish to monitor. A single point will be created at the center of gravity of the scoped nodes which will average the motion of all the nodes on that part of the structure. In the image below, I have one surface I am monitoring that is supported on another part that I don't want to include in the monitoring.

    Use a Deformation Probe.

    Use three Flexible Rotation probes.


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