License page does not show at Setup

F. Semih YF. Semih Y NetherlandsMember

I installed Ansys 19  but selected the wrong amount of license machines. Instead of pressing 1-server I selected 3-server (it was selected on default). After installation the software would not start because of a licensing issue. 

I installed the license manager but could not figure out how to change this mistake. So instead I uninstalled. When reinstalling now, the page in the image does never show in the setup wizard. What now?


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    Hi F. Semih Y ,

    That setting would write out the 'ansyslmd.ini' file under <install_dir>ANSYS IncShared FilesLicensing

    You can always change this without deleting this file and reinstalling products by using Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility v1xx (with 'run as administrator') -> Specify the License Server Machine 

    Don't install the ANSYS License Manager on your local machine unless you receive a license file from ANSYS Account Manager that is generated for your machine.

    Thank you,


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