Filling Bloch Boundary Region with Materials

JoonyoungLeeJoonyoungLee Member Posts: 1

Hello, I'm currently trying to simulate the power absorbed by the photonic crystal. To do so, I have implemented a bloch boundary condition but I cannot determine whether should I fill the Bloch boundary region(blue area) as in the left figure, or should I leave it empty. It might seem as a minor difference, but simulation result shows dramatic difference.

I have applied the PML boundary condition to the top and the bottom boundaries, with 'extend structure through PML' option enabled. I even put some extra material above just in case, so I think the PML is not the one making the trouble.

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  • kjohnsonkjohnson Posts: 253Ansys Employee
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    Hello @JoonyoungLee ,

    You should extend the structure through the boundary region. The Bloch/periodic boundary regions are one mesh cell thick, and the geometry in the blue boundary region should match the geometry of the cell to the inside of the opposite boundary region:


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