is it possible to design the compound semiconductor with the Spaceclaim?

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I'm new in Ansys program. I've heard that it is possible to simulate thermal analysis with Ansys Workbench.

i have 2D designs for HEMTs(High electron mobility transistor) and MOSFETs.

When i fabricated AlGaN/GaN HEMT in person, i used ohmic metal Ti/Al/Ni/Au. I wonder when i convert 2D designs to 3D designs with Ansys spaceclaim, Do i have to make ohmic metal each layer? for example first layer for Ti, second layer for Al, etc..

Also, i wonder it is possible to designate the polarization for creating 2DEG(2-Dimension Electron Gas)

plz, Help me if there is somebody who has experienced to design compound semiconductor to thermal analysis with workbench

i need your help

best regard,


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