Can an FDTD simulation be paused, data exported, then resumed?

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I'm currently performing an autoshutoff convergence test between 1e-7 and 1e-9. At the moment, I'm just setting the autoshutoff to a value in this range, letting the simulation run to completion, exporting the results via 'matlabsave', then resetting up the simulation with a different autoshutoff level. However, this is pretty inefficient, as I'm essentially running the first part of the simulation again and again.

Is there a way to pause or end the simulation at a given autoshutoff e.g. 1e-7, export the data via 'matlabsave' or a similar function, then resume the simulation until it reaches the next autoshutoff e.g. 3e-8, and so on?

Thank you in advance.

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    I just tried to perform a sweep at different intervals of autoshutoff and it didn't work. I used the "checkpoint at autoshutoff" feature which did pause the simulation at 1e-7, but when I tried to reset the autoshutoff to 1e-8 and resume the simulation (after I had exported my data using matlabsave), I got an error - can't modify in Analysis Mode, need to switch to layout. Is there a way to change the autoshutoff at 1e-8 after pausing it at 1e-7?

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