Process number 1 had an error code 5 and had to terminate.

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Please advice me with above problem. I am performing simple optomization sweep. This error occurs in random generation and random Job. I have been performing simmilar optimizations and It only started at certain point. There were no errors for multiple sets of settings of simulated grating like different monitor, sources, PMLs etc.

Job error prevents generation to complete and thus prevents sweep move to the next one.

Simmulation is 2D FDTD with current Lumerical version.


  • gsungsun Posts: 1,692Ansys Employee

    It seems this has two different issues:

    1: Error code 5 might be due to temporary server/license access issue

    2: input matrix has invalid dimension should be from result.

    So it might be complicated.

    To isolate the cause, please change the optimization to sweep. If the sweep has the same error, then we can identify the file, and its settings as well as result matrix if any.

    Please try to sweep and see what happens.

  • gsungsun Posts: 1,692Ansys Employee

    Please note that tilted port should be inside the fiber. Otherwise the frequency-domain monitor may not record the data inside the fiber.

    and also, are you sure the gap fills with the background material other than matching oil?

    I would strongly suggest that you follow the online example.

    This is a different issue. Please write another post if you have questions regarding to this.

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