Non-ideal RLC in SIwave

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in SIwave I can have non-ideal RLC elements. Each can have a parasitic capacitance, inductance and resistance.

From the documentation it does not become clear to me how these parasitics relate to the ideal component. I'd suspect e.g. that a parasitic resistance for a capacitor is in shunt configuration and for an inductor in series configuration. In this way the element would be more non-ideal when the frequency approaches zero. The other way round it would become more non-ideal at higher frequencies.

Can anybody shed some light on this? Thanks.



  • pmunagapmunaga Posts: 424Forum Coordinator

    Hi @GeorgM,

    The parasitics are dependent on the nature of component like you have mentioned.

    If you do not know the nature of the parasitic, you can simulate both series and shunt cases and compare them with the experimental results.

    All the very best.

  • GeorgMGeorgM Posts: 11Member

    Hi @pmunaga ,

    many thanks for your answer. I tried this and one can find the information in this way. It is also in the documentation, as I found meanwhile, but in various spots and under different topics.


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