System Coupling raw data extraction (WORKBENCH)

Hello all,

I have a Transient-Structural + Fluent + System Coupling simulation that also user the Piezo-MEMS extension. It takes ultrasound and produces a USER-DEFINED result VOLT. The simulation output is supposed to be voltage vs. time. I have successfully run the simulation according to the system coupling graph, but the results do not show any raw data of voltage vs. time. I want to extract this data so I can perform signal processing in MATLAB.

I have the System Coupling User Guide from ANSYS tutorials, but am having trouble with the WORKBENCH interface. When I alternately try to look at the results folder using Windows Explorer, I find files in DAT, GEO, ENC, TIME, and all these formats I cannot read with any program on my computer.

My former colleague (who has long since left our lab) told me he got the voltage and time data without using Ensight. So, I'm quite confused now as to what I need to do. Any advice or help on how I can view and extract my user defined result from a system coupling simulation with a fluid-structure interface would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all!


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